Innovation and passion: Aquafeel and DSV 

The collaboration between Aquafeel and DSV has proven to be extremely successful. Aquafeel not only provides financial support to the association but also contributes by supplying high-quality swimming equipment and swimwear for the association's athletes.

Furthermore, in partnership with DSV, we have initiated programs to promote swimming in Germany. We organize swim camps and training programs to support talented young swimmers, providing them with the opportunity to realize their full potential. Aquafeel also aligns with the DSV's sustainability agenda by introducing environmentally friendly materials into our product line. This reflects our joint commitment to a sustainable future for the sport of swimming.

Overall, the collaboration between Aquafeel and DSV shows how a strong partnership between a brand and a sports association can drive the development of the sport of swimming.

If you want to cheer on your team correctly, be sure to check out our shop!

DSV Teamwear


Our products in the section "Competition" are specifically designed for competitive sport. All of them ensure optimal freedom of movement and special compression applied precisely where needed. The “Competition” product line enables small water resistance and guarantees the perfect position in water for the swimmer.

Besides, all our “Competition” products are approved by WORLDAQUATICS and are so authorized for all WORLDAQUATICS-held competitions.

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Professional Training


You regularly train to achieve your goals, to be top fit for the next competition. In the section "Professional Training" we provide you with the products for training of only the highest material quality. Great in terms of functionality, they possess the "WORLDAQUATICS approved" test mark, so that you get the perfect products for your professional training.

Products for professional Training



You regularly swim in order to be fit. You can successfully do so with our reliable "Training Line" products. Materials of great functionality and sportive cuts will meet all your training requirements.

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Googles & Caps


A good swim outfit includes not only the perfect swimwear but also the right swim goggle & cap. We will provide you with high-quality goggles for both training and competition (with PC lenses, appropriate UV protection and anti-fog coating etc.), so that during your training you can concentrate on what is really important.
Our swim caps (made of 100% silicone) will fit ergonomically and without folds during your competition, and their stylish design will give you additional motivation for your training.

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Aqua tools by Aquafeel make your perfect training complete. Our ergonomic paddles with adjustable elastic straps will give you the necessary performance and staying power for your training program. Improved water feeling and slip-resistant rubber inserts will ensure safe and comfortable training.
Aquafeel snorkel in the „Tool“ section will support you in optimizing your swimming technique, and our bags will provide enough room for all your training tools and equipment. Now, may the next race come soon!

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Aquafeel beach & aqua shoes will give you the needed assurance and optimal protection for your feet. Comfortable fit and footbed, pleasant materials – these are our shoes for your training.

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