Warm and cold wraps with gel beads

Our reusable products with gel beads can be used both warm and cold.

They contain gel beads that have outstanding heat and cold retention characteristics and mould themselves evenly, flexibly and pleasantly to the body. Thanks to the elastic tapes, they can be adjusted individually. The backs of the eye mask and the neck and back wraps have a very pleasant soft covering.

The neck and shoulder as well as the back wraps are ideally suited for relaxing and for creating a feeling of wellbeing. They are both suitable for the relief of pain, where they can be used warm or cold. When used warm, they relieve muscle tension, cramps and stiff muscles, for example. Cold, they are ideal aids in the case of swellings, bruises and for the treatment of inflammation.

The eye mask aids relaxation, it calms the eye area and creates a feeling of well-being. It refreshes and revitalises tired eyes.

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