For even more water fun!

They are known as "fun-noodles" or "aqua-dumbbells" and do more than provide lots of fun in the water: Aqua-fitness equipment from Fashy keeps you bright and beautiful in a gentle way.

You can enjoy sun and sand even more with accessories from Fashy: cheeky caps with neck protection are available for boys, smart young ladies wear beautifully decorated straw hats and the parents find the perfect style with trendy head fashions.
Combined with fashionable Fashy sunglasses and the practical, good- looking Fashy beach bags, you are sure to draw looks from those around you.

Fashy's pool and beach toys ensure a relaxed atmosphere: kids absolutely love riding on the shiny, yellow banana and the adults are sure not to lose their children on this unusual water toy. Fun is also guaranteed on air mattresses designed like surfboards, water balls and fun boomerangs. You want to bet on it?

Big and small water lovers will enjoy Fashy!

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