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Aquafeel launches the Aquafeel-CUP, a new form of competition.

The Aquafeel-CUP will be added to existing competitions across Germany.

All participating teams are then part of the evaluation for the Aquafeel-CUP.

Interesting: The evaluation takes place according to the Rudolf table. This is a mathematical method which converts all distances in the different age groups and genders into points. There are always 1 to 20 points for each performance according to the table, whereby 20 points means world class. This means that female and male, old and young are comparable. I.e. the 10-year-old girl swims virtually against the 23-year-old boy.

For each event, the best 18 distances (according to the Rudolf points per club) count towards the result (max. 3 per swimmer). There will be 6-10 events for the Aquafeel CUP, the 6 teams with the best points will be invited by Aquafeel to a grand final at the end.