Education for children in Sierra Leone

World Vision works in the project region Bum to help the community to steadily improve their living conditions. The company Fashy has a long history of doing philanthropic work. Since their partnership with World Vision started in 2011, a lot has been achieved. In Sierra Leone, Fashy supports interventions  primarily in education. Between 2011 and 2013, two new schools were built in the villages Maami and Ngephehun thanks to the support of Fashy. There, the children have the opportunity to learn how to read, write and calculate in a pleasant atmosphere. Along with the school buildings, new latrines and a well were built so that the children can drink clean water.

Teacher accommodations

In the rural areas of Sierra Leone, the teachers usually don’t have a university degree. These so-called assistant teachers don’t receive a salary and are therefore dependent on receiving accommodations in the villages. In 2013 and 2014, Fashy supported the construction of two teacher accommodations in the villages Ngephehun und Ngesshun. These accommodations consist of a building with three rooms. In addition, there is a separate building with sanitary facilities. For washing and drinking, the teachers use the school wells.

Renovating and furnishing schools

In 2015, with the support of Fashy, World Vision renovated and furnished two schools in Madina Town and Sogballeh Village in Sierra Leone. The schools received a new roof, which shields the children from rain and too much sun. They can now study at any time of the daywithout the risk of becoming sick. Additionally, the two schools were each furnished with 60 benches and tables. In order for children with disabilities to take part in classes, the renovating included measures for accessibility to all rooms. Thanks to clean drinking water and latrines, the children are better protected against illnesses. They can fully concentrate on their studies.

Support fighting Ebola

In 2015, Fashy supported World Visions interventions fighting Ebola. In the project area Bum in Sierra Leone, World Vision made sure that there are enough disinfectant and decontamination products available for the patients in the health facilities. Furthermore, World Vision spoke with local politicians and religious leaders and campaigned for safe burials by specifically trained teams.

Construction of a preschool in Kenya

Thanks to Fashy, World Vision was able to build a new preschool in Koyombe, Kenya. Next to the school are also latrines and washbasins. The school was equipped with materials for lessons and playing games. The children are able to prepare for school in a playful manner with the help of the preschool teachers.


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