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February 2019

Checkbook handover on Ambiente

At this year's Ambiente in Frankfurt, Managing Director Wolfgang Kraus handed over a cheque to World Vision (Mr. S. Schröder and Mrs. M. Ibanez) again.

Through your support, namely the purchase of Fashy hot water bottles and heat cushions, you support this school project and give children in Africa a good start in life through school education.

January 2019

New pre-school for Koyombe, Kenia

There is good news from Kenya.

The school in the preschool center of Koyombe, our 7th school building project, for children between 3-6 years is finished.
Finally, the children were able to leave the preschool building, provisionally built out of corrugated metal in 1981, and move to the new premises.
Poor hygienic conditions and the unsafe building were the reason for a continuously declining number of new pupils.
With the construction of the new preschool center, 150 preschool children can now be supported and prepared for primary school by means of additional teaching and playing materials.
Training in health and hygienic awareness is also a very important part of this support.
For this purpose hand wash basins and four latrines separated by sex were built.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of World Vision for supporting this campaign by purchasing our products.

November 2018

School construction project no. 7 in Koyombe, Kenya.

Fashy starts project no. 7 with World Vision in the village Koyombe in Kenya.
The pictures show under which circumstances the children are currently being taught there. Your donation of the purchase of every hot water bottle and every heat pack made it possible to already lay the foundation, and the necessary school desks and chairs have been bought.
We will keep you updated on the further construction of the school here in due course.

March/October 2018

March 2018

A new primary school for Levuma

Finally we can report about the start of construction (Project no.6), the construction of the primary school in the village Levuma, Sierra Leone with 3 classrooms, wells and latrines.
Unfortunately, construction was somewhat delayed by the local responsible organizers.
Find first two pictures here on the left

Finally school in Sierra Leone finished!

After the construction delay, we are now happy to report that the primary school in the village of Levuma, Sierra Leone, has been completed and will be used for the new school year, starting on 17th September 2018. 5 villages within a radius of 3 miles and 260 students will now be visiting this school.
The new school has been built on the site of the old school building and is equipped with latrines and wells. With the school building project no.6 of World Vision and Fashy a further small step was made to bring some normality to these regions for the children and their future.

Thank you for your purchase of hot water bottles and heat packs, and thus your continued support for these projects for children.

February 2018

Another school project for children in Sierra Leone and Kenya

On February 6th, 2018 our managing director Mr. Wolfgang Kraus handed over the cheque from the 2017 proceeds of the sold original Fashy hot water bottles and heat packs to Mr. Schröder of World Vision. The foundation stone has therefore been laid for another school project for children in Sierra Leone and Kenya. We would like to thank our loyal Fashy customers who not only appreciate our quality but also have a heart for children.

December 2017

We continue – and pursue our aim – school for everyone!

We keep focused on our main subject “Education for children in poor regions”.
Under Project no.6 – and in cooperation with World Vision – a new elementary school will be built and completed in the village Levuma, Sierra Leone, with 3 classrooms, a well and toilets.
Despite difficulties in logistics and organizational conditions on site, the village gets a new school  - thanks to you !
Therefore we would like to say THANK YOU! for every Fashy hot water bottle or Fashy heat pack that you have bought.
Your support is important, together we are strong! 

April 2017

Social responsibility

A report about fashy education projects in Sierry Leone in the latest version of World Vision magazine.

February 2017

Rhein Main TV Februar 2017, Beitrag von der Ambiente - Fashy GmbH & World Vision

At the occasion of Ambiente trade fair, Mr. Bayer (Fashy) handed over a cheque to the amount of € 51.800,- to Mr. Christoph Hilligen (of World Vision) for further school projects in Sierra Leone.
The amount goes to the 6th mutual project of Fashy and World Vision, which is the construction of another school in the village of Levuma (Bonthe District) in Sierra Leone.
We thank you for your support and the purchase of Fashy hot water bottles and heat packs.
The children in Sierra Leone are grateful to get the possibility of education and a better future.

May/June 2016

Fashy hot water bottle travels with the project manager Kristina Allram (of World Vision) and “observes” Fashy school projects in Sierra Leone.

Report by the product manager Kristina Allram

With each sale of an original Fashy hot-water bottle company Fashy has already been supporting several schools thus enabling their renovation and reconstruction. For only in an atmosphere where children are able to concentrate and are protected from the sun or heavy rain, they can learn how to read and write and so make the first step on their path away from poverty.

During my visit in May-June 2016 with the purpose of inspecting the progress in our projects I was able to see the changes myself. Above all I was touched by the heartiness of the children, the tireless engagement of the teachers and the big joy of the local residents over the long-awaited possibility of providing their kids with good school education in an adequate environment.

With a big curiosity the schoolkids gazed at the Fashy hot water bottles which I brought with me. How and what for would one possibly use such a thing? After some funny guessing during which we came close to the solution („A bottle that transports water“ was indeed quite a good guess!) I explained the use to them. A couple of girls were especially attracted by a pink hot-water bottle with a donkey embroidery. Since it was particularly hot outside on that day we found that also cooling is doable and reasonable with a hot-water bottle and the kids were very happy.

Full of joy children posed then in front of the camera happily embracing their hot-water bottles before they proudly presented me their nicely renovated school. „School enrollment has risen massively. The village residents are exuberantly happy to be able to send their kids to a school where they can really learn“, the school director told me proudly.

I was also able to visit schools supported by OFID and Fashy and thus renovated and restructured. It is really impressive how many children were enabled to go to school thanks to this support. Classrooms were full of kids eager to learn. „The old school was not safe any longer. Now and then we had to close the classrooms because it was simply too dangerous to hold lessons there, the school building was just about to collapse. Moreover, we often had to cancel lessons due to bad weather conditions. Now we do not have any of these problems!“, said the teachers. Thanks to the erection of teachers’ housing on the school terrain it was also made sure that the teachers stay in the project area. This is very important because it is generally difficult to find new teachers who would consent to work in remote or secluded areas.
I was quite impressed and grateful for the tireless engagement of the local teachers, who take their responsibilities in diverse committees, such as e.g. „School Management Committee“, very seriously and make sure that the schools are maintained and more and more parents send their kids to school. But also the schoolchildren play an important role. One boy recites me a verse, „Mommy, send me to school! Daddy, send me to school!“ it says in it. His voice is quite decisive, his tone is demanding. After all he speaks not only for himself but also for all his friends who want to be allowed to go to school.

I am very grateful that there are people who take the future of children in Sierra Leone close to heart and support these projects.

I took the warm farewell of the kids with big gratitude and pass it on to all supporters

Source: Pictures by World Vision. 

Fashy GmbH, 14.07.2016




January 2016

We continue – redevelopment of 2 school buildings in Sierra Leone 2015/16

The projects 4 and 5 have been brought to a successful end in 2015. Both schools in Madina Town and Sogballeh Village have been completely modernized. 762 pupils can now go to school there. Further, housing for the teachers, wells with clean drinking water and new lavatories have been built.

Revenues through the sales of original branded Fashy Hot Water Bottles and Heat Packs generated in 2015 a total amount of 53000 Euro.  This amount, as well as the incomings from 2016 will be used for education about Ebola and for our education project. The equipment for the two schools was also financed from this amount.

We are glad, that, despite of the outbreak of Ebola,  we could manage to finalize the modernization of both schools by end of last year.

We are delighted that we could give 762 children hope for a better life and future with your help. 

March 2015

Project No. 4

We are just about to start with the 4th World Vision project:
A school for 402 children in Madina, Bonthe District, will need extensive renovation. This will be done as part of the OFID project.
A new roof will be built, windows, floor, doors and school desks be renovated.
In addition, to improve the water supply, a new solar well will be constructed.

Regarding the still dramatic subject Ebola, Fashy and World Vision both support educational information campaigns and support affected families with care packages.

February 2015

5 years of cooperation - Fashy and World Vision

At Ambiente in Frankfurt (February 2015) Mr. Rouven Bayer, sales manager of Fashy, handed over a new cheque to Mr. Christoph Hilligen, director of World Vision Germany e.V. for the common project.
On this occasion Fashy has been awarded with a Certificate from World Vision for 5 years of cooperation.

Every hot water bottle sold and every heat cushion is the basis for a better school education for children.

Since Ebola still causes a worrying situation, Fashy has decided to take a certain amount of this profit made in 2015 and to use it in order to fight Ebola.

Medical education and medical care, food parcels – due to your purchases we can help!

In the name of Sierra Leone’s children we say: Thank you!

January 2015

Fashy / World Vision’s successful completion of Project no. 3 - Accommodation for teachers

After Maami and Ngepehun, and despite the difficult situation, the accommodation facilities for teachers in the schools of Ngepehung and Ngessehun have been successfully completed.
Lodging facilities for teachers are of great importance in rural Sierra Leone, because well-educated teachers usually do not move to the remote poor areas.
Teachers there, the so-called “Community teachers” do not have an exam and do not earn any money. Therefore they depend on food and lodging within these villages.

We are especially pleased that the school in Ngepehun with this kind of teacher accommodation – and financed by Fashy – is now completed.

We would like to say THANK YOU for your confidence, and for buying Fashy hot water bottles and heat packs, and by doing so for supporting the project and creating a better future for these children.

February 2014

Fashy / World Vision Project no. 3

The cheque for the third school project in Sierra Leone has been handed over to World Vision at the beginning of February. Therefore the start signal has been given by Wolfgang Kraus (Fashy) and Georg Kessler (World Vision) for the construction of two teachers’ homes including furniture, for the schools in Ngessehun and Ngepehun.

The inauguration of the second school of Project 2013 will probably be made in October 2014, just at the beginning of the new school year.

Thank you very much for your support by buying Fashy hot water bottles and heat packs.
One voice for the better future of our children.

June/November 2013

Construction work has begun!

After having built the first school building in Bonthé district, Maami, in the middle of 2012, we will now start to build a second school building with World Vision.
With the amount of Fashy’s 2012 cheque the foundation stone in Ngepehun has been laid.
Three class rooms will be created, where 250-300 pupils aged 6-12 in 6 different classes will be tought.

A lot of these children need to walk from 1-2 hours every day to get to school.
We are happy to offer these children the possibility to learn how to read and write.

Enclosed you will find some pictures.

February 2013

Finally! – At Ambiente in Frankfurt…. but see for yourself …

Fashy has handed over another cheque to Mr.Kessler who represents World Vision.
The cheque’s amount arises from every single Fashy hot water bottle and heat cushion sold in 2012.

Therefore, not too long, and a second school building project in Sierra Leone’ Bonthe District region will be started.

Without our customer’s help this idea and cooperation would not be feasible.

Therefore we would like to say THANK YOU to all our customers who supported us by buying our products and therefore helped to realize these projects. Compared to the year before an even higher donation has been made!

The cheque benefits the community Ngepehun for building a schoolhouse in Sierra Leone.
The building of the school will start soon and in this year - around october - it will be completed.

July 2012

Fashy wants to say THANK YOU!

The Fashy school project in Sierra Leone in cooperation with World Vision has been successfully completed.

In Bonthe District the first school has been built. Three school classes up to the 6th class now have the possibility to go to school there in order to learn how to read and write. Toilets have been built, as well as a water well.

Next year Fashy will build a second school building for kids in this region, in cooperation with World Vision.

We say THANK YOU for your support in the past, when selling Fashy hot water bottles and heat packs, and look forward to your continous support in the future.

February 2012

At the occasion of Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Mr.Wolfgang Kraus (director of Fashy GmbH) has handed over a cheque to Mr.Georg Kessler (leader of the business cooperation World Vision Germany e.V.) as a result of the successful sale of original Fashy hot water bottles and original Fashy heat packs in 2011.

As Fashy GmbH consider the school education for children to be extremely important they support a school project in Sierra Leone with the funds that have been raised.

December 2011

Herr Kessler (World Vision) and Wolfgang Kraus (CEO Fashy) appreciate the ongoing good cooperation and support of the World Vision education project in Sierra Leone through Fashy.

December 2010

We say welcome to the cooperation with World Vision.

Image source: World Vision

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