What is Lycra?

Lycra is a highly elastic synthetic man-made fibre, which belongs to the elastane group. Lycra is only ever added to a main fibre, for example in small amounts of between 18 and 25 percent. Lycra (elastane) gives the fibre its lengthways elasticity.

So, for instance, it is included in underwear and tights, and work and leisure clothing. However, Lycra is also synonymous with polyamide/elastane fabrics for swimwear and exercise wear.

When it comes to textiles, Fashy has good reason to use the somewhat more expensive material blends of polyamide/elastane fabrics (such as Lycra, elastane and spandex), because they ...

    • ... have high elasticity for a perfect fit

    • ... have the best care characteristics; products only have to be pulled back
          into shape after washing

    • ... are pleasant and comfortable to wear




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