Adopt the optimum fit of your fashy swim goggles

Vacuum test

Press the seal to your eyes to obtain a gentle vacuum. If the swim goggles briefly adhere to your face this indicates a good fit.

Adjusting the nose bridge
Adjust the nose bridge between the glasses to your eyes by respectively moving the bridge notch by notch until you have found the optimum fit for your eyes. Then cut the overhanging part of the bridge off as shown in our picture.
We are also producing unibody swim goggles in a standard size. To adjust the nose bridge is not possible for those goggles.

Adjusting your head-strap
Pull the head-strap over the back part of your head and position the glasses over your eyes. Adjust the head-strap by means of the two side clips so that the goggles are fitting well on your head without causing discomfort. In case of water getting into the lenses adjust the head-strap again until you have achieved a perfect fit.

Adjusting the swim goggle
Pull the head-strap over the back part of your head while positioning the glasses on your face. The head-strap should be kept in an angle of 45° on the upper part of your head to avoid leaks. If water is still getting into the lenses, adjust the head-strap respectively. For getting the water out off the glasses or for adjusting the swim goggles take the goggles into your hand somewhat away from your face.

Removing the Fashy swim goggles
To safely remove your swim goggles put one thumb under each side of the head-strap. Lead your thumbs to the back of your head and lift the head-strap towards the forehead.

Care Instruction
In order to enjoy your swim goggles constantly keep the glasses clear from dust and grease. However, do not scrub the lenses on their inner side as you could damage the anti-fog protection. Rinse your goggles with clear cold water every time you have used them.

Here are some important tips how to protect your eyes:

  • Before using your swim goggles read this manual carefully.

  • Always be careful when positioning or removing the goggles, especially when they are wet.

  • In case of irritations of your skin or eyes while wearing the goggles take them off immediately and do not use them again.

  • Never take off the goggles by removing the glasses first as the rubber strap could rebound and hurt your eyes.

  • These goggles are for swimming only, do not use them for diving! They have been produced for use above the water surface! To use them as safety goggles, even temporarily, e.g. for craftsmanship works, is not permitted.

  • Swim goggles are no toys. Do not use them for playing or in connection with toys (e.g. water balls etc.). Swim goggles cannot protect from accidents and injuries.

  • Do not clean or scrub the lenses on their inner side as you could damage the anti-fog protection.

  • We recommend teachers, trainers or experienced swimmers to explain to kids how to handle, adjust and remove the swim goggles.

Should you require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us:

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