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Jakob-Muth-Preis 2010

71229 Leonberg

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The Karl-Georg-Haldenwang school in Leonberg was founded in 1835 by Reverend Karl Georg Haldenwang as the first school for handicapped children in Germany.

The school individually supports children and teenagers who have a severe learning disorder or mental disability.
It focuses on a special education according to the ability and qualification of each pupil with the aim to prepare them to live their live as adult as independent as possible. Beside the different projects and activities in school, exercises and sport is very important for the pupils’ development.

In March 2011 the Karl-Georg-Haldenwang school could open new premises.
These rooms offer space for 58 students (between 15-20 years of age) who participate at vocational school (a school that prepares the students for their future jobs).
It contains wood & metal workshops, a school garden, the home/domestic economy studies and a cafeteria.
A cooperation with approximately 60 different companies enables the students to gain practical experience as well as to find an employment.

Fashy has taken action and is socially engaged to support the Karl-Georg-Haldenwang school since 2006. With our products we are supporting the swimming lessons and we give financial support for further trainings of the teachers.

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