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The quality of fashy swim goggles

CE/BS 5883:1996

All fashy swimming goggles are certified with the CE-logo and are manufactured in accordance with EU standards for items for personal safety and comply with British Standard BS 5883:1996. 

Anti-fog Lenses
The lenses are coated with an anti-fogging agent to prevent misting of the lens under normal conditions. However, where the goggles are subject to sudden temperature changes slight fogging may occur for a short period of time.

UV protection
Where stated, our goggles have UV protection 400.

Silicone head strap

The head strap is manufactured from 100% silicone for enhanced flexibility and comfort.

Fashy swim goggles are packed in practical presentation boxes or zip bags. These are ideal for presentation and storage. All products may be subject to design and colour variation as well as technical alternation.
Please read the manual. All texts are in various languages according to the EU norm and the German Equipment and Product Safety Act as of 1 May 2004.
Upon request we are pleased to place our reports of analysis and product certificates at your disposal.

Should you require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us:  volker.kraus@fashy.de

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