Which Toy for Which Age?

The toys' form is of great importance. It has to enable babies to grip and hold them with their small hands. Funny motives and bright colours enrich the children's phantasy.
Make your children and yourself a big pleasure: Do not judge toys by the price or the appearance. Toys must be in accordance to the age und they need to have high expectations concerning the security.     

The following age statements offer you a rough orientation, but please consider: Every single child is different und takes its own growth. Even same-aged children can be very different.     

Babys up to 5 Months:     
Toys for looking and listening are ideal; e. g. rattles and bells with a little but well-defined contoured forms and colours. The Baby wants to play with rattles and other toys, which make noise hitting against each other. Soft grip toys as in our large assortment of rattles offers the baby varied experiences.      
Soft fabric toys and cuddly toys are just perfect. Especially suitable is a musical toy with a soothing melody so your child will fall asleep more quickly.      

from 6. month:    
Balls bring much joy by rolling away and crawling after them. Toys for the bathing tub like boats or swimming animals become interested. First sandbox toys and simple chocks or cups for piling und reinserting bring much fun and encourage the motor function.      
Soft baby books made of fabrics or synthetic material with little images on it, combine fun and verbal progress. Cuddly toys and puppets made of preferably soft material, washable and hardwearing, are now at that age the right thing.   
Very important are forms, which are appropriate for children, so they can grip the toy. Also very important are funny and friendly images in bright colours, so they inspire the imagination of the children.

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