What is the material the bathing tub toys are made of?
Our rubber ducks and bath squirters are made of phthalate free PVC.

What is the material the foili bibs are made of?
We offer foili bibs made of phthalate free PVC and also made of robust EVA and PEVA material.
For detailed information just have a look in our latest catalogue.

How are the teethers filled?
Our teethers are filled with germ free water.

What does organic cotton mean?
Our cuddly bunny #1289, the hand puppet #1290 and a few more items of this series consist of organic cotton
(Bio cotton) which is certified according to the guidelines of GOTS (= Global Organic Textile Standard).
This is a universal standard for the manufacturing of textiles made of biologically grewn natural fibres.

What does FSC wood mean?
The Fashy little stars wooden grip toy, item #1908, is made of FSC – beech tree.
The wood therefore originates from sustainable forestry.

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