The exclusive water repellent OXYGEN fabric hardly absorbs water. Therefore creating less drag through the water and a much faster drying time compared to similar products (3 Minutes instead of 20 Minutes, IFTH test 984162 and 062180).
Oxygen is also substantially lighter than most conventional fabrics (130g/m2 against 190g/m2). The ‘Multi-directional’ weave of this extraordinary fabric constantly follows each movement of the body. Therefore it feels like a second skin, enabling freedom of movement, at the same time providing constant muscle compression. The material itself never loses shape or wear out. Despite its competition qualities OXYGEN is extremely resistant to friction and abrasion: Martindale Test (Standard NF EN ISO 12947-2), after 50.000 wash cycles no damage! And, the fabric is highly chlorine resistant: After 60 hours OXYGEN loses only 17% compared to 70% of equivalent fabrics.

In both men’s and women’s models private and sensitive areas (eg. crutch) are additionally laminated to ensure non-transparency.

All seams are sewn with a 4-needle-flatlock-technology which guarantees perfect wearing comfort and are laminated giving additional strength and ensuring less resistance in the water alongside maintaining an outstanding design.

All four models of our Racing Oxygen range fulfil the requirements of the world swimming federation (Fédération Internationale de Natation) and are officially approved.