Aquafeel Sponsor contract

with Silke Lippok, a professional swimmer,
starting in 2014.

Gold medal at the European Championship
           4x100m freestyle
           Silver medal at the European Championship
           200m freestyle

Her training goal:
To win a medal at Olympia 2016

ISPO Munich: Silke Lippok will present our new Aquafeel Collection on 26th January 2014 in Hall B4, Booth 303.


Profi Pool Shoe Modell 7246 & Schwimmbrille Faster Modell 4143

Anlässlich des 60. Süd- deutschen Jugendländer- vergleich am 26.11.2011 in Tübingen stattet Aquafeel die BSV Schwimmerinnen und Schwimmer der Jahrgänge 1999-2001 mit neuen Shirts aus.

Im Schwimmen gewinnt
Bayern zum 3.Mal in Folge Gesamtwertung.

On 21 and 22 May 2011, the 28th federation day of the Bavarian swimming association in Bamberg,  Fashy was represented by its Managing Director Mr. Wolfgang Kraus. Featuring Aquafeel, Fashy is the official main sponsor of the BSV.
Mr. Schindler, president of the Bavarian swimming association, appreciates the cooperation.

FINA (Federation Internationale De Natation) has approved our Aquafeel competition suits.

FINA has approved our models “Neck-to-Knee” and “Competition Back” for ladies as well as “Jammer” and “Trunk” for men as official competition suits.

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Aquafeel NEWS

A big THANK YOU to our swimmers Sarah Steinke, Claudia Stich and Jannik Höntsch for the great support at the Badenmodenschau from 22.06.2017.

And we also wish great success with Aquafeel in the future.

BSI Consumer Survey Water Sports

Silke Lippok ends her swim career

Multiple European Championship winner Silke Lippok ends her career.
“I spent a lot time thinking about whether or not to continue swimming” says the 21-year-old. At a certain stage I decided not to continue. “I have suffered various relapses” says Silke Lippok.

First a torn cruciate ligament, and after that various virus infections held her back from training.“ Again and again I have tried so hard to fight and keep up and gave my very best. But now I have reached a stage at which I do not want to fight anymore”. But the goodbye is not filled with bitterness.

“The decision feels right. I proudly look back on my swim career. I have experienced wonderful moments and have crowned my career with success”.A special thank you goes to her trainer Petra Wolfram, her former trainer Rudy Schulz and her mental trainer Bruno Hambüchen.She always received a lot of support by the Olympic headquarter Hamburg and her sponsor Aquafeel.
For the future Silke wants to focus more on her studies of psychology but at the same time enjoy a normal student’s life in Hamburg.
She expresses herself in her usual optimistic way: “There are still so many things which I can discover and enjoy”.

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We say THANK YOU to Silke Lippok for her visit on ISPO and wish her all the best for her next competition.


SAZSport 07/2016

Premiere Aquafeel Limited Edition 2015 at ISPO Munich


Exclusive Interview with Silke Lippok
on 05.02.15 at 16.00 pm.

We are more than happy to visit her at ISPO Munich.

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Thank you, Silke Lippok!

We say thank you to Silke Lippok for the support during our shooting of the new aquafeel collection 2015